Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Crusties in Kentucky

When Link sneezed two snot globs across the room at Uncle Ken's home in Kentucky (Link's 5th state in 5 months) I knew we were in for a long vacation. The next morning Link's eyes were matted shut and nose crusted over. Traveling with a kid provides some challenges. Traveling with a sick kid provides a few more. Here are some things I learned.

1. When no medicine is on hand, contact solution breaks down proteins and thus eye boogers and nose boogers. A squirt up the nose and a finger smear on the eyes does wonders. I worked out the goo in Link's eyelashes as we nursed. A suction ball took care of the rest.

2. Car seats are great for upright sleep and the clearing of the sinuses. We bypassed the co-sleeping for the car seat. It seemed like Link was up only about 3 hours a day. It would have been great for travel days or rest and relaxing. We bypassed any activities outside of Papa's house so Link could get all the rest he could.

3. If you were not sick before baby got sick, you will be after.