Friday, October 9, 2009

Meet the Travelers

The adverturist: Lincoln Durbin (born July 2009). The parents: Bryce and Shannon Durbin.

How does traveling with a baby work?
An easily portable child, baby wearing and a quality car seat/stroller.
Breast feeding, so no bottles, washing, heating, cooling, mixing, etc required.
Co-sleep, so no travel play-pen, bassinet, etc needed.

Shannon and Bryce have always loved to travel. They meet walking the old stone streets of Florence, Italy though they are both from the Midwest. To date they have visited 38 states together and 12 countries in total. They plan to visit all US States by 2011 and every continent by 2031.

Lincoln has visited four states in his four months of life.

Join us as we travel the globe in search of amazing food, great art, a little bit of history and spirituality, and tons of adventure and relaxation.


  1. Cutest family and love that you travel so freely, the entire family.

    Thanks for saying 'hi' in my blog.

  2. Good luck on your adventures! Sounds like fun!

    We took Isaac to Germany when he was two, and all of those things you mentioned helped make it easy - breastfeeding, co-sleeping, good stroller, etc. Trains and planes were the highlight for our boy who loved everthing that went "vroom"!