Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fifty Nifty Subscribers

Fifty Nifty United States.
Fifty Nifty Subscribers.
Fifty Nifty Dollars to Win.

Lincoln has a dream. A dream to one day help his mother complete her goal of visiting all 50 states before she turns 30. This year she turns 29. That dream must happen soon.

Lincoln needs 50 followers to help rev up the engines. 50 subscribers will help create a base for advertisers and sponsorships. So subscribe to our rss feed, let me know via a comment your on board. And if you have anything you would like to advertise or if you would like to become a sponsor please let us know.

The proposal: July 1 through September-ish Lincoln will take his parents on a USA road trip. Shannon and Bryce first started traveling the US together in 2004. For three months they road tripped around the states west of the Mississippi. The trip resulted in 18 states visited and the engagement of Shannon and Bryce. Shannon has held a goal since then to visit all US states before she turned thirty. This year she turns 29!

The remaining states: Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, New Jersey, Delaware and Georgia.

The blog: A travel blog about our families adventures as well as tips for traveling with a child, great off road attractions, and weekly prize drawings for fabulous merchandise.

The prizes: Our first prize is $50. It will go to one of the first fifty to subscribe to the blog. After subscribing comment on this post and tell us what is your favorite state and why.


  1. subscribed :-)

    Favorite state...hmph.
    MN for it's State Parks
    'sconnie for the beer and parties
    GA for its beauty (and Joseph!)

  2. Wisconsin is my favorite state because the snow falls vertically and stacks neatly on picnic tables. Visit me in California!


  3. hmmm, tough one. sorry i'm going to cheat and name two.

    hawaii, because so often it feels perfect, and there is enormous biodiversity and the gamut of geologic features.

    and california, because it's a huge state with tons of amazing things, amazing places, amazing people, amazing agriculture, amazing scenery.... just generally amazing.

    yah, i think that's it as far as my feelings for entire states. and of course, i love iowa. it's just a special, different kind of love.

  4. I'm in! Is there an upgrade program that includes a postcard from Link from every new state? :)

  5. subscribed. Not sure what my favourite state is - i guess I'll say Iowa because I've lived there for a bit and it has a beauty that I miss, especially the cornfields in the fall.

  6. I'd have to say Utah because the whole state should be national park land...and being in the dry, red, desert makes me appreciate the lush beauty of the midwest :)

    your family looks amazing! I'm excited to keep up with your travels!

  7. Colorado b/c
    1. My birthplace..."home"
    2. The Rocky Mountains and landscape
    2. The architecture
    3. The history
    4. The Culture
    5. The activities
    6. The state parks
    7. Rustic feel
    8. The wildlife
    9. The art
    10. My family

  8. Well when you come to Te-has you are more than welcome to stay with us!

  9. Subscribed. My favorite state that I have visited is Colorado. It was really pretty there with clear blue skies and lots of nature. Makes me want to move out west!

  10. of the states that you haven't been to yet, Oklahoma would be my favorite. Route 66 is real America and Oklahomans are real Americans. They are very resilient people--the bombings and tornadoes of today are the dust bowl stories of yesterday. I lived there for four years in the late 90's. Loved it! I miss BBQ brisket like they do it in Oklahoma. When you go you have to go to the Cowboy Hall of Fame and the Bombing memorial. Great to see you at Christmas. Lincoln is such a cutie!

  11. I'm # 26 to subscribe. My favorite state I have been to is Colorado (although I really want to visit Oregon). It's open and inviting, the air feels fresh, and the sky is so clear blue. The mountains are beautiful.

  12. I'm on board! I do love Oregon, but also have a fond spot for Virginia and Maine.

  13. I love Vermont! We used to go there every summer when I was a kid and rent a cabin. I'd love to go back again...