Monday, January 25, 2010

Planning Stages

Although the family does like to travel by the seat of its pants, a general outline is usually established to mark key points we don't want to miss.

So far this is what we have planned:

1. Springfield, IL- Abraham Lincoln Museum and home
2. Columbus, OH- Durbin Grandparents
3. Pittsburg, PA- Warhol Museum (maybe robots museum)
4. Niagara Falls, NY- Niagara Falls

Then we will enter Vermont. The list of ideas include:
1. Ben and Jerry's Factory Tour
2. Maple Sugar Farm Tour and/or Maple Museum
3. Museums of either Norman Rockwell or Grandmother Moses

New Hampshire ideas:
1. Canterbury Shaker Village
2. The home of Robert Frost
3. Franconia


  1. I have to vote for Ohio b/c of course we're here, and of course fed by said Durbin grandparents on a routine basis... what? If you've tasted Betsy's cooking you understand the bribery here :)